About Us

Imagine, waking up on your birthday with no cake, no ice-cream, no presents, no birthday party. That’s the reality for many kids. So in 2012, Johnny and Gabrielle Wright decided to do something to change that reality.

Instead of accepting gifts for their birthday parties, they turned their parties into an annual fundraiser to start a charity called, “A Birthday Party Wish,” so that kids who never had the chance to have a birthday party could have their own special day. A Birthday Party Wish is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Johnny & Gabrielle Wright with the purpose of providing birthday parties for kids in need. Many families do not have the ability to provide a birthday party for their child. However, every child should have the chance to celebrate the day they were born with their family and friends. Not only is this a special time for a child, but it is the most special time for a parent. A Birthday Party wish allows a child to pick a party location, cake theme and flavor, send out invitations if they choose, choose their birthday gifts, and invite friends and family. Johnny and Gabrielle wanted each child to be able to celebrate their birthday at a fun party location. So, with the help of many local Orlando businesses and the support of family and friends who have donated, Johnny and Gabrielle were able to make their dream of granting Birthday Party Wishes to kids in need a reality.

Celebrating life is what “A Birthday Party Wish” is about, one wish and one birthday party at a time.



2016 Carnival Fundraiser


2015 Carnival Fundraiser


2014 Charity Test Track Dinner Fundraiser


2013 Carnival Fundraiser