Birthday Wish Granted! Jenes chooses Fun Spot!!

Jenes celebrated his 10th birthday surrounded by family and friends at Fun Spot. He was surprised and did not realize that he was going there for his birthday!  So when he arrived and realized everyone was there to celebrate his special day he was super excited!  He asked for a spiderman cake, Legos, a remote control car, and Jordans.  He was so happy to get everything he asked for.  He and his friends enjoyed riding all the rides especially the race cars and the bumper cars.  Happy 10th Birthday to Jenes!

Thanks to the children’s board volunteers who came out to help!  Gabrielle, Gabby, Jose, Eva, Mary, Will and Gwen!  We could not do this without our amazing volunteers.IMG_5526 IMG_5559 IMG_5552 IMG_5452 IMG_5490
IMG_5479 IMG_5475 IMG_5465