Children’s Board Meeting October 13, 2014

The children’s Board meets to discuss issues related to the charity.  This meeting was held to discuss the Epcot Test Track Fundraiser for December 14.  The kids go over the budget and come up with ideas for new events.  They also vote on important issues related to the charity.  Each child was placed on a committee to assist with the annual fundraiser.  The kids run each meetingSs0aqBhia4jJ8bkpMwH29VkdSAOv-GUXWuSQogLUt-Ie4M4H2E8fOHLCx8yIlvz1ZqZLpeOfrT9TIEqq9idnfEDtP41JOdiEE2Y2-XS-2_GJ4ZpEhllez6vmeignH5gwA-1Er9S9X5bgpNSqtclU9XQcPEcpR8UCHgSlWj_kP095BQ0g05s2crrNB2uUpfmvbaHdoPzE2IU92zAUSyH6uICwg u7zJFZQVhJRQf1ddda3MR1n1YwfwbWvXyB8ao89m94o3YA_fgjQrtpZf9cRcp5GQyhdDjQ6CeRVYqP9kPDhyCw96FoTHWS-Q3drewEjWDsoBCjCSw-xtjIzDOJBnmTtGY