Judyann’s Birthday Party in Covington Louisiana

Hi Scott, just wanted to thank y’all so much for this opportunity. This crew is so excited their sister gets a party at chuckie cheese. One eldest said I have some quarters saved up we can use to play.  I said they are giving you some coins to play. He was like seriously! He’s so grateful and excited! . Y’all are such a blessing. And I know this is Judyann’s birthday party but this will be a much needed day to hang out and enjoy family time with everything going on. ❤️ we are blessed and honored y’all have chosen Judyann.  She keeps saying I have birthday party. I have birthday party!
Y’all have a blessed evening. Thanks again for everything.

Hosted in Covington Louisiana by Scott Woodward who has created a chapter of a birthday party wish in Covington this is his third party there.